5 Key Differences between: CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THCV

5 Key Differences between: CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and THCV

Cannabinoids (aka – CBD) are the main component of all. Now, studies have found other CBD components that can help focus on specific issues in life -- such as stress or anxiety, trouble sleeping or eating, or even our health throws at us at times. In this blog, we want to go over the top five factors that make each one of these cannabinoids different.

Keep in mind, we are all different humans which makes us all have different endocannabinoid systems making us all react differently to CBD. Our endocannabinoid system is made of receptors that are spread throughout our body and every major organ system – including the brain, spinal cord, to the gut. Even helping with your immune system.

Now, let’s learn what each cannabinoid helps with – 

CBDA | This cannabinoid:

  • Leaving you with the euphoria feeling
  • An anti-depressant – help treat those with depression.
  • Studies have found that it shows to helps those with epilepsy.
  • Has anti-nausea components to help with those with severe health issues, such as cancer.
  • An anti-inflammatory – managing the symptoms of arthritis, such as joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness


CBG| This cannabinoid:

  • Stimulates receptors in the brain that are involved in helping with pain and blood pressure control. (Also, helpful for women during menstrual cycles)
  • Overall helps with mental health.
  • Known to provide better sleeping habits.
  • Increases appetite
  • Studies have found that it majorly helps patients with glaucoma & cancer.


CBN | This cannabinoid:

  • Less potent than CBD & CBG.
  • But a powerful sleep inducer.
  • Helps with bone tissue growth such as healing fractures or aging with osteoporosis, or bone degenerative disorders.
  • Increases appetite
  • Studies have shown this it is also to be known as an anti-inflammatory.


CBC | This cannabinoid:

  • Helps with stress and anxiety.
  • Increasing relaxation helping with tension relief.
  • Manages acne relief, eczema, and skin breakouts.
  • Regulates bone density
  • Studies have shown that it’s known as the “cancer fighter”.


THCV | This cannabinoid:

  • Appetite-suppressant – “THC without the munchies”.
  • Helps with bone growth and bone formation.
  • Studies have found that it helps with Parkinson’s disease and diabetes.
  • THC & THCV originate from the same parent cannabinoids.
  • Yet, it does not produce a high – which numerous patients like getting relief without the major “THC feeling”

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