Why More People are Turning to Kratom for Relief

Why More People are Turning to Kratom for Relief

From pain relief to opioid withdrawal, people are turning to kratom for a wide range of reason. You might be wondering, though... What exactly is kratom, is it safe, and how can it help you? Keep reading to learn more about this ancient plant with modern uses.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is actually a tropical tree species. It is native to Africa along with Southeast Asia. People have been using kratom in traditional medicine since the 19th century, some say even longer. The leaves were either chewed, cooked with, or brewed into a tea and used for alleviating pain, fighting fatigue, and even opioid withdrawal. Here is where things get really interesting:
  • Kratom attaches to the same part of our nerve cells as opioids do.
  • At low doses, it produces a stimulating effect.
  • At higher doses it is shown to have a sedative effect (AKA makes you sleepy).
Since kratom interacts with our bodies similar to opioids, it may be particularly effective for getting off painkillers. After all, people have been using it for this very purpose for hundreds of years.

Is Kratom Legal in Tennessee?

Can you buy kratom in Tennessee? Yes! Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • To purchase kratom, you must be 21 or older.
  • In addition, while pure kratom is legal, synthetic kratom is not.
  • Therefore, it is important to make sure what you are consuming is the real deal.
How do you know if the kratom you are purchasing is authentic? The kratom should be in its natural botanical form and should also include disclaimers such as:
  • It is not safe for pregnant or nursing mothers.
  • You must be 21 or older.
  • It should not be used with alcohol or any other medications.
Which begs the question, is kratom safe? We certainly cannot make any medical claims. As with anything you are introducing into your body, we recommend consulting with your physician first. This being said: We can say that the increasing number of personal testimonials along with the growing body of research shows that kratom may offer relief for a wide range of conditions, particularly when it comes to opioid withdrawal. While no substances is a cure-all... Given that kratom interacts similar to opioids and has been used for helping people get off painkillers, it has unique therapeutic potential.

How to Take Kratom for Relief

If you are thinking about taking kratom, there are few different forms available. Here is a quick look:
  • Kratom Powder
  • Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Extract
All of these forms are legal so long as they contain pure kratom. Capsules tend to be the most popular choice as they offer simple and precise dosing. However, kratom powder is another option. A big draw to using powder is that you can easily incorporate it into your favorite juice or tea. Which option is best depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Where to Find High Quality Kratom?

If you are looking to find the best kratom in Tennessee... Visit us at 1102 Mineral Wells Ave, Paris, TN 38242 As wellness professionals, we carry only the highest quality and lab tested kratom. We look forward to helping you find relief!

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